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Fabien Bouguennec

Delving into the intricacies of the enigmatic and the transcendent, Fabien Bouguennec unveils through his art a striking exploration of the boundaries between the known and the unknown.

Across his canvases and sculptures, he ushers us into a realm where the confines of reality blur and the essence of existence finds new resonance.

His figures, embodiments of beings in perpetual metamorphosis, emerge with intriguing strangeness. They embody the idea that form and identity are malleable, in constant flux.

These hybrid creatures that effortlessly traverse matter, time, and space reflect poignantly our era, marked by fluid identities and the convergence of the real and the virtual.

In a world where faces are absent but semblances of eyes convey inner quests, Bouguennec probes the duality between appearance and essence.

It is as if the viewer is invited to contemplate the bare soul of these ethereal beings, devoid of superficialities, to connect directly with their core.

By melding these entities with backdrops that oscillate between lushness and aridity, Bouguennec forges an unexpected harmony between the animate and the inanimate, the dream and the reality. His characters, at times blending seamlessly with their surroundings, seem to express a profound symbiosis with nature, evoking an almost archetypal purity.

Rooted in an artistic tradition that delves into the subconscious and the mystical, Bouguennec draws inspiration from currents such as surrealism and contemporary art.

The visual experience Bouguennec offers is that of a voyager into the unknown, plumbing the depths of human understanding. Through figures in constant transformation, he beckons a deep contemplation of life's mysteries and reality's enigmas. The boundaries between the virtual and the material become porous, inviting the viewer to explore the recesses of the imagination.

Indeed, Fabien Bouguennec's body of work is a poetic and visual meditation, a daring journey to the edges of consciousness. By compelling the audience to immerse themselves in ever-shifting realities, he celebrates the richness of diversity, the audacity of the uncharted, and the power of artistic creation.

Fabien Bouguennec, born in 1988 in Vannes, France.


2016, DNAP (Diplôme National d'Arts Plastiques) from EESAB Lorient.

Solo Exhibitions:

• In 2022, "Le vide n’existe pas moins que les corps" at the gallery in Tirana, Albania.

• In 2021, he participated in the virtual exhibition "OXXO," curated by Nicolas Marsilio.

• In 2019, his series "Palimpseste" was showcased at the Galerie Sainte Anne in Malestroit, France.

Group Exhibitions:

• In 2022, he exhibited at the GIAF (Gongju International Art Fair) at the Limlip Museum in Korea.

• Also in 2022, his work was featured in the "Trolls et bestioles" exhibition at MAF (Musée des Arts Fantastiques) in Brussels, Belgium.

• In 2020, his art was displayed at Galerie Menouar in Paris, France.

• He also participated in the "Circle" exhibition at CICA Museum (Czong Institute of Contemporary Art) in Korea.

• In 2020, his work was part of the "Tell me a story" exhibition at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States.

• In 2019, he exhibited again at Galerie Menouar in Paris, France.

• His work is also in the collection of CICA Museum in Korea.

• In 2018, Fabien presented his "Nigrum Foraminis" series at Galerie Menouar in Paris.

• He participated in the Salon d'Automne on the Champs-Élysées in Paris in the same year.

• In 2018, he exhibited at Galerie des Gens Déjantés in Auray, France.

• In 2017, he was featured at Artexpo New York and Spectrum Miami in the United States.

Residencies: In 2022, Fabien Bouguennec had the privilege of the "Carte Blanche" artistic residency at the Centre Morbihan Communauté in Brittany, France.

Collections: His works are part of several collections, including the CICA (Czong Institute of Contemporary Art) Museum in Korea, and the Centre Morbihan Communauté in Brittany.